Are Your Goals Coming from Your SOUL?

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What if you knew that the fulfilling, soul aligned “work” you were in the pursuit of or are currently doing wasn’t entirely your choice, but instead a call to action; a step into your authenticity and who you were meant to be all along?

Would you let go of all of those guilty feelings about quitting the soul crushing 9-5 that you’ve only stayed in because of the status, the decent pay, or the low risk and 401K or because you don’t want to be a let down to the people in your life?

Would you stop questioning yourself for going against the traditional path of life after your friends and family convinced you that you might go broke or that traveling the world alone isn’t safe?

Would you keep investing in yourself without hesitation because you know that the fire within you is not there by accident and your calling is not only going to fulfill your soul, but help other amazing people live the lives they authentically desire?

This is something I’ve been ruminating on for a long time now and just the other day it hit me. There’s a reason why I haven’t been able to ignore my burning desire to step outside my comfort zone and create something magical is because I didn’t choose it; the only thing I am choosing is to follow it. My intuition is trying to awaken me, to step into my power and be my most genuine self and real talk, who am I to argue with my intuition?

Same goes for you babe, who are you to argue with your intuition? You owe it to yourself and to the rest of the world to be everything you were destined to be. And I can tell you one thing for sure, you weren’t destined to spend the majority of your existence in a soul-crushing 9-5 making someone else’s dream come true.

Some people may tell you to wait for a more ideal time, other people may tell you to keep your stable job while you work on this “hobby”. While I definitely encourage you to have a consistent income until you’re able to manifest work-life integration, keep in mind that you also want to have enough free time and energy to work on your passion project.

This doesn’t happen when you’re working a draining 11 hour day, dealing with entitled customers and a manager who is so bought in to the corporate minutiae that he/she only cares about being the next CEO of the company.

So if you need to get a job at a local coffee shop or as the receptionist at a trendy start up, go for it. You might have to make under your life for a little bit, but in the end it will be worth it, not to mention a story to tell.

That being said, I have to ask you…Are your goals aligned with your soul?

2018 is here and now is the time to live your vision.
Each year many of us create goals and plans, but come mid year we have given up or forgotten about them entirely. I never understood why it was so difficult to follow through with New Years resolutions, but a recent Facebook live helped me understand.
Goals have to be coming from YOUR soul in order to be fulfilled.
Last January I attended a vision board workshop at my yoga teacher Gigi Yogini’s yoga studio. One thing I remember being discussed was only putting things on the board that are truly coming from you.
An event because your partner wants to go or applying for a position because your parents want you to were not things to be put on the board designed by you, FOR you.

Even if you think things are coming from inside you, it’s important to keep asking why and ensure that the motivation behind your vision is enough to propel you forward.

One common example is losing weight. Do you want to lose weight to be more attractive to your partner or to look good to impress your best friends and other women?
Although those are good motivators, they are not enough, that is why we give up.
But you know what is…saying you want to lose weight to love the skin you’re in even more and to be able to show others in a similar situation how you did it so they can feel good about themselves too.

The same goes for success in your business whether it be life-coaching, jewelry design, health and nutrition, etc.
Are you launching this business just to look successful in the eyes of others and show the rest of the world that you can work from anywhere? Or are you launching it because it’s what gets you amped up every day, knowing that you will have done your absolute best and can fall asleep with a full heart knowing you are following your bliss. It matters.

Take time for yourself to reflect on what ambitions and authentic desires and plans you have for the upcoming year. Make sure they are coming from your heart, your intuition, your fiery SOUL.
Once you have them all planned out write them out or put them on a vision board then put them in a place you will see them every day this year. Then speak them into the Universe, ask the Universe to be by your side while you pursue this.
Starting today, tell yourself “just one thing” (post about this coming soon). Every single day, do AT LEAST one thing to move you closer to that you want.
-Facebook Live
-Blog Post
-Invest $ into a marketing plan
-Attend a retreat or seminar
-Pitch your product to someone
-Do a 1/2 hour HIIT
-Spend a day designing and making new products
You know what you need to do, and darling, it’s all within you.
And finally, let go of any guilt or second thoughts you may have about pursuing your calling. Because that’s exactly what it is, YOUR calling. You have not chosen it, your calling has chosen YOU! How big of an honor is that? All you are choosing to do is follow it, because it’s meant to be.
Remember this whenever you begin to question whether or not you “should”resort to being “normal”. If you don’t feel normal, it’s because you are meant for a higher purpose. The world needs your gift.



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