Gifts and Authentic Style

If you’ve ever read the The Five Love Languages , you know that Receiving Gifts is one of the languages.
While it is not my love language, it is one of the two that I give the most. The other is quality time.
This is one of the several reasons I adore the holidays so much. Holiday shopping.
Seeing other people light up is one of the most incredible feelings of the human experience, especially when a person knows that you thought of them in particular.
Occasionally I will have the perfect idea for a gift for someone, but majority of the time I just go to local boutiques and farmers and flea markets to see what speaks to me. It’s exciting! It’s something that brings me an enormous amount of pleasure; gift giving and supporting small/local businesses.
This past Sunday, I did the majority of my holiday shopping and before starting, I stopped at The Butcher’s Daughter (a vegetarian restaurant) near me for a lavender mocha to get my spirits high.
There was a long line and while waiting on the barista, I couldn’t help but look around and observe the amazing fashion choices of the people around me. Reason number 184847 that I love LA.
The Butcher’s Daughter is located on Abbott Kinney, known as the “coolest block in America”. Although I have been there numerous times, I now understand why it has that reputation.
Growing up in the Midwest, I didn’t really have a chance to explore and understand fashion. I thought I did at the time, but my definition of fashionable was wearing a velvet hoodie from the latest name brand paired with skinny jeans and fuzzy winter boots (a memory I don’t like to look back on).
It wasn’t until I moved to Chicago in 2010 where I gained my appreciation for vintage clothes and decor and then LA in 2014 where I gained my appreciation for authentic style.
People here know how to put together a look authentic to them from Bohemian to Boss Babe to Bad Bitch. I love it.
When I finally made my way to the Melrose Trading Post where I began my search for gifts, I noticed the same thing.
It’s my personal opinion, that wearing designer outfits from head to toe is the easy way out. While there is nothing wrong with loving the designer pieces that you’ve worked so hard for, there is something so sexy about not knowing where somebody purchased their clothes or who/what the inspiration was to style them that way.
In fact, usually when I ask people where they bought something, they say “a thrift store”, or “a local boutique in (insert destination here”).
I asked a couple of the gals I was waiting in line with where they got their rings and one said “a cruise ship” the other said “Etsy”. It seems as though looking for individual pieces from local designers is the new cool thing to do. Or maybe I’m just the anomaly, who knows.
Here are some of the things I noticed people wearing as I was people watching:
-Perfectly Fitting Jeans
-Beautiful Graphic T Shirts
-Dainty Stacking Rings and Bracelets
-Very Detailed Patterned Leggings
-Dark Sunglasses
-Hair looking like they just came out of Dry Bar
LeotardPrinted PantsDainty JewelryI can't adult todayDark SunglassesDainty Rings

I’ve always had a deep appreciation for people who take pride in their appearances. It displays confidence and self-worth. Two very honorable qualities.
It may sound dramatic but I’m being totally real, I got such a dopamine rush from observing so many women’s style choices.
It also makes me very intrigued about fashions around the world. Now, I’m sure I will have a hyper awareness towards dress-style patterns as I travel more and more. Being able to recognize this was a great gift in and of itself.

Now I want to turn it over to you ❤

Have you ever had a similar experience of noticing styles of the locals?

Do you have any recommendations of places to travel to where people have great fashion?

Let me know babe, I want to hear from YOU!



Disclaimer: None of the photos in this post are taken by me

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