September is the Other January

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“September is the Other January” I’ve heard this statement twice in a matter of two days and I just knew it had to be my newest blog post.
I’ve always been obsessed with New Years. It’s literally my favorite holiday of all the time, for the simple reason that it’s a brand new start. I’ve always been big on New Years Resolutions and this past year I added mantras and words of the year which are “pleasure” and “receive”.
While thinking about this idea of September being the “other” or “new” January, I’ve realized the deeper, yet subconscious reason why I’m so biased about how amazing New Years is…
It just so happens that my birthday falls just two days before New Years Eve which gives me an entire reset and blank slate allowing me to completely put the past year behind me and start brand new.

This new realization is something that I’m so beyond enthusiastic about and so grateful for beyond words.
While nothing in the world could change my adoration for the New Year, this new perspective has really gotten me thinking.
When I was in school, it always started in September. While some traditional schools and most colleges and universities begin in August, September is still widely seen as he mark of the summer coming to an end.

If you can think back to when school began, I can almost guarantee you that you saw the start of your academic year as a new beginning. New haircut, new outfits, new school supplies along with memories from trips you may have taken, good times with amazing people and amazing weather which is likely to have given you a whole new confidence.

After knowing that feeling year after year, it’s inevitably hardwired into our existence.
Even long after our academic years are over, we all still tend to think that summer has three months; June, July, and August. It’s seen as an ideal time to plan our ideal vacations, spend entire days at the beach, see our friends from out-of-town, and eat and drink on the patio of our local hotspots.
Am I right? of course I am.
As the end of August approaches, we start to get serious again; such as back into our usual workout routines, starting new personal projects, going to sleep earlier, and taking fewer days off. It’s also a bit intimidating when we realize that the New Year is only four months away.

That feeling can sometimes have a counter-productive effect. After a summer full of drinking our favorite cocktail and/or stopping for our daily iced latte fix, along with fancy dinners, more “Netflix and Chill” days, and sleeping in later on weekends, we feel like getting back into a structured routine is too much and instead throw in the towel and say “screw it, I’ll just wait until January”.
But why? What if instead of letting ourselves off the hook, we saw it as a head start and strong close to the New Year.

What ambitions do you have?

-To start or finish a book you’ve had in the works?
-To thoroughly cleanse your home of any clothes, decor, or furniture that no longer serves you or make you feel as cool/confident as you know you are?
-To go to an American Ninja Warrior training 3x/week?
-To post an IG live every day for a month?

How amazing and accomplished would you feel if by the time the next year came around, you home felt like a hotel/spa?

How badass would you feel if you could deadlift 150 pounds before the New Year?

What if instead of rushing to write your new book before the New Year, you were well into the publishing process and it was ready to be released and launched in the early New Year?

What if instead of an empty mason jar, you had a plane ticket worth of savings for your dream travel to Bali next summer?

If you took on this idea, when the new year does come around, instead of having to try again with the same goals from the previous year because you didn’t fulfill them, they are now a part of your life and you can have a brand new page, which could turn into your most treasured chapter in life.

If you took this perspective, you could be way further ahead than you ever thought possible, creating space for new things to manifest.
It’s one of those things that your future self will thank you for.

For me, the things that I plan to start are:

-My personal Happiness Project (I’ve been attempting to do this since I read the book in February 2016 and have yet to fulfill it) But I know the time is now.

-Read minimum, one book per week

-Explore my fashion sense and take it to the next level this month

-Practice hula hooping for 15 minutes/day

What are YOUR thoughts?

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