The Ideal Me…The Compliment that C H A N G E D My Life

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A couple of weekends ago, I received what was possibly the most matchless compliment I have ever been given ❤
During what I'm calling Warrior Women Weekend, the leadership training I participated in at Gigi Yogini Studio, our final circle was about giving and receiving.
We all went around the circle and gave each person a compliment without using the word “I”. For example, consciously saying “You went out of your comfort zone, that was impressive” vs. “You went out of your comfort zone, I am impressed”.
I had no idea what compliments I would be given, but I couldn’t help but shed a few tears from the sweet and genuine feedback of my spirit sisters.
That being said, in the practice of receiving; the only response we were to give after receiving a compliment from each person was “thank you, that is true”.
I can remember being told “Karissa, you are beautiful” and getting several nods and “mmmhhmmm”s in agreement which made me want to cry.
While it was a very vulnerable experience to hear these personalized perspectives from my sister-friends, it was also all kinds of lovely.
The truth is; I can confidently say that I know I’m beautiful on both the inside and out. I have a very kind heart for all beings and have a tremendous amount of respect for the entire world. Also, my exotic facial features and naturally seductive eyes definitely make me beautiful on the outside which I have been told many times.
Contrary to what many people think, being able to take a compliment or affirm the positives about yourself does not make someone immodest. It shows that you hold yourself in high regard and have self-love.
In fact, did you know that in the original definition of “brag” which simply means “to speak proudly about”, there is no negative connotation to the word? There is nothing wrong with taking pleasure in your most positive attributes or accomplishments and speaking about them.
But back to my receiving experience…There was one compliment that was so unanticipated, I was literally speechless and will never forget that moment.
One of my fellow warrior women looked at me and said “Karissa, you already are the person you want to be”. Damn…
The fact that a beauty I had just met the previous day saw the light in me and my ability to be a confident leader, a shining example for women, and an all around badass lit my soul on fire. I was literally on fuego. “Is this how the rest of the world sees me?” I had to ask myself.
After reflecting on this feedback, I got really in touch with myself and I realize now that others are able to see this in me because of my ability to be my authentic self. I literally have nothing to hide and am an open book in every way. It’s an incredible feeling to know that I have a way of positively impacting people just by being me, but it also got me thinking…Who do I actually want to be? Or better put; What does the ideal me look like?
It’s interesting to think about, because there are literally SO many types of women I admire and want to incorporate within myself. I can imagine the image of a few of them…

*The free spirited hippie babe with blue hair, partial dreads, bohemian clothes, facial piercings, and a never-ending love for art, nature, yoga, and all things local

*The badass workout chick who can make wearing yoga pants and tank tops every day look effortlessly sexy and can handle ANY relentless fitness routine from restorative yoga to American Ninja Warrior

*The sophisticated fashionista who looks perfectly elegant all the time. She works in a high-end boutique styling other women. Her passion is to make sure that when clients leave her presence they have a new found confidence and know that the whole world is waiting for her gifts

*The entrepreneur who lives entirely on her own terms, lets no one and nothing get in her way, is not fearless but instead unbreakable, and doesn’t think twice about what anyone has to say about her endeavors. She lives for herself.

I know that in order to become the person I envision, I have to first have an image of who that bombshell is. Here are the qualities I see in my future self, she’s coming; just wait…

-Does yoga daily
-Does h a r d workouts multiples times per week
-Is organized
-Has a septum piercing
-Somehow a l w a y s has perfect hair
-Attends museums, restaurants, street festivals, and local hotspots regularly
-ONLY shops local
-Volunteers with nature
-Is a l w a y s fashionably dressed and amazingly accessorized
-Self Employed
-Writer and Artist
-Travels the world
-Cool and Collected
-Is always by the ocean (Earthing) ]
-Smiles often
-Has a vitality for life
-Has friends of all kinds
-Prioritized health and R E L A X A T I O N days
-Isn’t afraid to say “no”
-Knows what’s trendy in her city
-Is a positive role model and fierce leader

NOW it’s YOUR turn sister-friend! What qualities do you see in your future self, your inner bombshell?

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