The Why Project: Chicago Babes in LA

My desire with The Why Project is to get people from as many different walks of life as possible. I’ve always had a thing for people watching and love hearing people’s stories. This married couple I have known since living in Chicago before they were even engaged.
Holly is truly the smartest young woman I have ever met in my life. Her very practical knowledge of culture, world affairs, feminism, and politics constantly blow me away. She is seriously one in a million.
Gianni moved to the United Stated from Greece in his 20s and is a musician and one of the best conversationalists I know. They came to LA this past July exactly a year after I had seen them last; this is what they said when I asked them each what their “WHY” was (is)…


“When I think of something, I think why not? I guess for everybody, it’s to be happy in some way or another. For me it would be to be on the beach and not have to worry about anything.”


“To be open ended, I love that life’s open ended. I don’t want my life to be written out for me, I want it to be like a book with no ending.”

#2 and #3
Venice, California
July 2017

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