Restaurant Review: The Butcher’s Daughter

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The Butcher’s Daughter
Location: Venice, CA

For the longest time, I had my reservations about this restaurant because I was thrown off by its name. As a newly converted vegetarian with a goal to be vegan, the word “butcher” completely deterred me from even looking into it. Later, I was to find out that the restaurant is entirely vegetarian which logically makes total sense to me now. (The daughter of a butcher was traumatized from the work her father did, therefore vowed to never eat meat again and became an animal rights activist) Get it?

Well I’m here to tell you that right off the bat I’m giving this place a 5/5 stars and it’s definitely going to be my go-to place for my out-of-town and even local visitors regardless of whether or not they are vegetarian.

Starting off with the decor…OMG, I couldn’t be more obsessed with the interior design of this place. It literally feels like you’ve died and gone to Bohemian Heaven. The decor of my future home will definitely be inspired by this Gypsy Paradise. It is perfectly lit with subtle lighting, plants are everywhere, and the art and furniture with hints of rose gold make it feel slightly exotic like you are in an American themed restaurant with a Balinese, Thai, or Fijian flare. It has a very welcoming energy and a relaxed ambience that makes you want to take your time while you’re there to soak up the energy and really be present in the moment. I have been to the restaurant twice now, once at night and once in the late evening and whether it’s dark outside and a little more intimate or still daylight and more on the casual side, it’s equally a good vibe and experience. If you get there at a time where it’s not crowded, they give you the option to sit inside or outside on the small patio that looks outside towards Abbot Kinney Blvd. and both are enjoyable options.

I also appreciate that it is both a coffee/juice bar, as well as a sit down, dining establishment. They advertise themselves as a cafe, but considering the size, the number of options on the menu, the portions of the plates, and the prices; I would classify them as a restaurant. They have a simple coffee menu and a decent selection of fresh-squeezed juice options. The coffee comes in smaller sizes than typically served at a traditional coffee shop, but the flavor and quality are top of the line. I have tried both an almond milk cappuccino and mocha, and everything from the latte art ❤ to the perfect blend of sweet and bitter make the drinks a treat in themselves.
The juice is a decent size for the price of $10. They each contain several fresh ingredients and are made on-site. The only one I have tried is the Honey Bee (pictured) which is grapefruit based and if you’re a juice person, I highly recommend it. Upon entering, there are also cute things for purchase such as plants, candles, teapots, and decorative bowls along with a to-go section where you can get pre-prepared food, and bottles of wine.

Now on to the most important part, the food. The food is to die for, which is no surprise since the restaurant has two executive chefs. I’ve had a variety of dishes, such as; pizza, cauliflower bites, GF macaroni and cheese, and a burger that had so much flavor, I couldn’t even tell a little bit that it was vegetarian. The portions are generous and you will definitely leave satisfied, you may even have leftovers to take home.
The prices of everything are definitely more than the average restaurant as appetizers are at least $10 and the average plate being about $18. But, with quality comes expense and the experience, the prompt service, and the well-prepared delicious food makes it all worth it. I highly recommend this restaurant to everyone.

If you do decide to try it, let me know what you order as well as your experience!


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