The Why Project: Rob Lawless

Rob Why

* What would you do if you knew that no matter what, it would be a smashing success?

* How would you spend the majority of your days if time and money were no problem?

* Is there anything that you refuse to go your whole life without doing? Something you know you need to make happen because it’s calling you…

Deep inside we all do, that thing, those things are our why.

Have you ever stopped to really think deeply about what your “why” is in this lifetime? In the non-stop, “hustle”, “I’m busy” era that we currently live in, there are tons of people who go through their entire life without ever uncovering their why, speaking it into existence, and then living it and loving it! I know one thing’s for sure, I’m not going to be one of those people and I encourage you not to be either.
It wasn’t until about a month ago that I actually took the time for myself to document my why and came to the realization that e v e r y o n e would make his or her dreams a reality if they had/have a strong enough why. The first step to actualizing what you want is knowing exactly why you want it. This way, no matter what obstacles come into the picture, you have the motivation and stimulus to propel you forward and to remind yourself all of your reasons behind not letting a setback stop you and why you started in the first place.

In all of this, there’s one thing I want you to understand…
Your why is for you and you only, babe. There’s no reason to feel like it has to be some grandiose, elaborate, or overambitious affirmation just to make a statement or prove something to the rest of the world. It can be as simple as “To live my most fulfilling life possible.”

It is my aspiration to meet as many people as I possibly can and have at least a half-hour long conversation with them to discuss his or her why and together we can speak it into existence starting with our energy.

This idea was inspired by a recent project I had the absolute honor of being a part of called Robs 10K Friends. Because his amazing collaborative was my main source of inspiration, I knew I wanted Rob Lawless to be the very first person I spoke to about why.

I am really impressed by Robs fearlessness to go from city to city meeting as many people as possible with no financial compensation and no plan for employment but through all of it, he is living his most most authentic and ambitious life possible. I came to understand that Rob and I have very similar outlooks on life and that what we both want is to make the most of the one and ONLY life we have been given.

I asked Rob to write in my notebook what his why was, and I honestly couldn’t think of a more amazing statement:

“Because I recognize that I’ve been given the gift of one life, and to me, to spend it any way other than the most interesting manner possible would be a mistake.”

Remember my very first post about feeling like I was “the most boring person in the world” and now wanting to make sure I live the most memorable life possible? Well I don’t think the Universe put me in contact with Rob and his project coincidentally.

My plan is that at least once per week I’m going to document on this blog and on social media someone that I spoke with about his or her why. I genuinely want to see everyone live out their dreams and to look back on their lives with no regrets, and I feel called to help anyone and everyone do just that. This is my first step in the right direction and I can’t wait to see where it goes!

Please reach out to me if you would like your why featured on this page! I would absolutely love to chat with you about it.

#TheWhyProject #WhatsYourWhy #FulfilledFriday #FollowYourFlowFriday

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