Cafe Gratitude


Location: Venice, California
I’m SO excited to be writing my first restaurant review on this blog! One of the biggest perks to living in a big city like LA is the amazing food scene. Coffee bars, cafes, vegan restaurants, dessert shops; you name it, we have it in full abundance.
I try to go to at least one new restaurant every week and as a person who prefers to shop small and support local, I refuse to go to chains of any kind. I’ve also decided I’m going to convert to veganism. As a huge animal lover and recently converted health junkie, I know the vegan lifestyle is best for me.
This past Saturday, my new restaurant experience was at Cafe Gratitude; a fully organic and vegan restaurant in Venice. I would give it a 5/5 stars!
Starting with how fast we got seated, I was surprised that on a Saturday night we were able to get seated upon walking in the door. I’ve seen it much busier before, so considering we were super hungry that was definitely a plus.
Next is the interior and exterior design. Both the inside and outside are well-decorated and match the meditational, spiritual, hippie-chic vibe of the restaurant. They made a great use of space and the furniture was very cozy and comfortable.
Along with the beautiful and calming decor was the experience. Very fitting to the gratitude theme, we were told by our server that there is always a question of the day. Our question of the day was “What do you cherish?”
When she came back, I answered the question with “I cherish quality time with the people I love.”
(On a side note: Incase anyone was wondering, quality time is my #1 Love Language)
The other aspect that made the experience was that they recommend everyone order “affirmation style”. Every dish had a positive word in front of it on the menu such as “brilliant”, “eclectic”, or “dazzling”.
So instead of telling the server “I’d like to order the Bruschetta”, you would say “I am present” and they would know that you meant you wanted the Bruschetta.
Then upon delivering the food, they would say “You are present”. Cutest concept ever!
Now onto the most important part, the FOOD.
The food was d e l i c i o u s.
Honestly so full of flavor and prepared so well, you couldn’t even tell it was vegan. Also, for vegan and organic, the prices were very reasonable averaging about $16 per plate.
We ordered the pomme frites (sweet potato fries), the Bibimbap Bowl, and the Mole Abuelita Enchiladas. I also got the most refreshing sangria to go along with it. After we were done eating, we were satisfied, but we had discussed how we still felt light and not heavy and overly full as you often do after eating a gourmet meal. Vegan, vegetarian, or neither, I highly recommend this restaurant to everyone! Let me know if you try it and what you think!

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