Weekly Goddess Circles

Gigi and I BGB
Goddess Mannequin

The past couple of months I haven’t been working a traditional 9-5 position, which has allowed me to attend a weekly women’s circle on Fridays from 11:30-12:30.
I’ve been soaking up every moment of having a flexible schedule that allows me to do this as I don’t know how long it will last. Just like the moon, it all goes in phases.
I’m so ecstatic that I’ve been able to participate in these donation based gatherings and I can say with full authenticity that they are changing me for the better.
I refer to them as goddess circles because the women who attend them are truly out-of-this-world amazing. It’s like being surrounded by a tribe of the most powerful yet elegant warriors you could ever imagine. The format of the circle works like this: We go around the circle three times, individually with a talking piece (usually a gorgeous mini sage bouquet or an African gourd shaker called an Axatse) to answer the question of the week chosen by my amazing warrior yoga instructor of three years, Gigi Yogini.
The first round we introduce ourselves and answer a simple yet thought-provoking question such as:
-What color describes how you are feeling right now?
-What is something you appreciate right now?
The second question gets a little more intimate and is timed with a span of 2-4 minutes. During that time, it is each persons turn to dive fully into the subject filling the space with whatever is within her. Tears, laughs, secrets, they are welcome as it is a place of safety and confidentiality.
Past questions have included:
-What can you brag about yourself?
-What is something you’re exploring in your life currently?

What is something you want to manifest more of in your life at the present moment?
After the timer has gone off and the person has finished answering the last of the question, we take a synchronized breath to inhale the positive and release the negative for that person as she passes the talking piece.
To seal the circle, the final question is typically about how we’re going to move into the next week, relating or implementing what we have discussed in the circle and sometimes we take turns leading a dance move for the rest to follow. Other times we have shared what comes up in our imaginations when we think of a serene space. There are no limits to what you can say…Some of the things shared have been:
-“I plan to go hiking as often as possible wearing as little as possible.”
-“I plan to wear whatever I want to inspire others to be themselves and be free.”
-“I plan to take time to myself this week in a house I have rented that has nothing in it but a kimono and to create several sacred spaces this week.”

It’s so surreal to me how calm and pure yet confident and optimistic you proceed into the world after being a part of one of these circles.
As a leader in the making, and someone with an eager desire to help others see the light, next month I am going to an intensive training that will teach me how to lead a circle like this. More to come on that soon. Namaste everyone<3

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