My Story. My Why.

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So you might be asking yourself why you would even want to read my blog…
Totally understandable since we most likely haven’t met in person yet. Well please allow me to speak to that question.
Every day we are all living our own story, and I want to share my story with you. So here goes…
Ever since my early college days, I have had a minor concern that I was possibly the “most boring person in the world”. Literally, those were my exact words.
In retrospect, I have no idea why I thought that even a little bit, especially when everyone around me could confidently say otherwise.
Since my tween years, I have always had a larger-than-life personality, an eccentric way of thinking, and atypical interests that were still wildly cool (by my definition at least). And while I never had a sensible reason to think that about myself, I know where the thought stemmed from.
I grew up in a small town in the midwest that was in no way substandard or unpleasant, but in every way unsuitable and inopportune for me as it lacked excitement and leisure – the two things I thrive off of.
It offered snow, chain stores and restaurants, and seasonal sports. What I needed was ocean and palm trees, farmers markets and local cafes, along with an open community of artists, yogis, meditation, and expressionism.
Where I lived I wasn’t an outsider, I definitely had friends (none of whom I remain in touch with), but I also didn’t fit into the puzzle either.

-While everyone my age was dressing the same, I was fearlessly wearing what I wanted; bright blue leggings, glitter, edgy T-shirts, lacey tank tops, and by age 13 I was dying my hair every couple of months.

-While my classmates spent their weekends cheering on their favorite team or camping by a lake, I spent my time catching up on the media, latest music scene, learning to be glam, or obsessively researching my favorite celebrities and movies. I was known as the pop culture guru. (Ask me A N Y T H I N G and I knew the answer)

-While everyone I knew looked forward to being invited to parties, I looked forward to a yoga class and couldn’t wait for my next vacation.
However, the biggest thing that separated me from my peers was my heart, my kindness, and my ability to accept anyone and anything with no judgement. I simply didn’t resonate with anyone else.

I was out of place, I was bored, and I knew I needed out. My ❤ and soul told me I belonged in LA and I knew I would get there.
By the time I was 18, I was so ready to leave, close the door on my lifeless life, and never look back. I wanted to badly to move to LA, but while my heart wanted to be there, my intuition and pocket told me that it wasn't time yet.
As a new adult, I decided to go to the nearest big city which was Chicago; another one of my favorite places and somewhere I knew very well as I traveled there several times per year. Although there were plenty of beyond difficult times there, along with extremely lonely days, I loved living there and I loved where I went to college. My last couple of years in the Windy City, I was going out to dinner with friends two to three times per week and spent most of my free time exploring the city, writing in coffee shops, or experimenting with art whether it was making new decor for my apartment or making jewelry inspired by a wedding gown designer I was interning for.
I was really good at art, but because of my incredibly traditional path and past, I always thought I would be a career woman and never made the connection that art could be my lifestyle.

A month after I graduated college in May of 2014, with plenty of help that I am eternally appreciative of, I packed two suitcases and was able to make my 10 year dream of living in LA my reality.
One of the first things I did while living in LA was start taking my yoga practice very seriously which opened the door to so many more opportunities.

-Poolside weekend yoga
-Free surf lessons
-Beach clean ups
-Full Moon celebration circles and so much more.

As I was observing the lifestyles of my yoga instructors and their inner circles, my perspective on life was beginning to shift and I was starting to see how small the atmosphere I grew up in actually was. There was so much more to life than a traditional 9-5 career and I realized that I had unique gifts to share with the world. It hit me that the reason I didn’t pursue them is because I came from a place where they were not celebrated but misunderstood.

I was destined for something so much greater. Something that involved a movement, something that involved helping other people love themselves, and live their lives according to their authentic selves and their own values.
Fast forward about 10 months and I was introduced to the world of self-development, podcasts, and life coaching. I was hooked. This world was one I knew I had to be a part of, so I started reading self-help books, attending seminars, and becoming more and more obsessed with the lifestyle. My authentic self started shining through. Not the new me, but the true me.
Since then, I have made it a point to become more clear on the direction of my life and create a specific set of ambitions and deadlines to make my dreams a reality.

This past March, I attended a three day women’s retreat that changed my life. Right after it was over I was on such a blissful high and felt so determined at the same time. I decided I would do “just one thing” every single day to bring me closer to making my ambitions my lifestyle. Some of the things I wanted to accomplish were:
-Start my own lettering/jewelry business (check)
-Become a health junkie and achieve my ideal body (in progress)
-Start my own blog again
-Take the next step towards helping other people become the most authentic versions of themselves
Well here it is…This blog is a way for me to communicate with you. Yes gorgeous, I mean YOU reading this.

In all sincerity, I don’t have it all figured out; just like anyone I still have plenty of uncertainties about my future.

-My ❤ is in LA, but I also have a calling to live in different places around the world. When will I move and for how long? Will it be indefinitely?

-Is part of my calling to become a fitness junkie? I hope so, I can imagine it, but I have no idea the changes to make to my current lifestyle to get there.

– When will I settle down with a life-partner? Part of me so deeply wants that right now, but the other part wants to commit to traveling and lifestyle design for the next decade.

-I've always wanted to learn photography, videography, and editing but will I attempt to learn myself (which would give me less time to focus on my priorities) or will I wait until I have more time to make the process quicker and smoother?

-I haven't achieved financial freedom yet, how can I triple my income? Would it be better to save as much money as I can or to invest in coaching sessions and other things that can contribute to building my future but have no real guarantee.

Like anyone else, I contemplate and over think my options a lot of the time, but what I do know is that we can be stronger together.

My plan is to use this blog as a way to hold myself accountable and to share everything I know about living the most incredible and memorable life possible. One according to your authenticity.
So if you’re thinking about starting your own brand, blog, podcast, etc.
Or, if you’re like I was and have the irrational concern that you’re “the most boring person in the world”, this virtual space is for you. Let’s learn together, shine together, and become our most authentic selves together, acknowledging that there is a place inside each of us that is pure light and love. And regardless of where any of us may be on the map right now, when you’re in that place and I’m in that place, we are one.

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